En garde! This week we grab an epee and talk Fence #1 with best selling author, C.S. Pacat! Why does she love fencing so much? Which character could the Captive Prince author see in a royal setting? Is the fencing in the book actually choreographed? Hear about this very unique series now available from Boom! Box.

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Can a time traveling janitor save the world?  Hear our SPOILER FILLED review of Future Man from Hulu!

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This week James reviews:

The Batman Who Laughs #1 - DC Comics

Tomb Raider: Survivor's Crusade #1 - Dark Horse Comics

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Trailer Talk - Deadpool 2, Rampage

Bye, Bye Batfleck? - Ben Affleck looking towards the end of his Batman role.

C-List Cinema - Two deep cut Marvel characters are getting their own spinoff movies.

Lord of the Stream - Lord of the Rings is coming to TV on Amazon.

Hulu Hitman - Agent 47 gets a shot at a small screen adaptation.


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