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Cody Green (AKA The Angry Fat Guy)  started his nerdom reading mostly Tales From the Crypt and Silver Surfer. His biggest fandom (more of an obsession) is roller coasters. Cody grew up in Houston, TX and is a married father of 3 boys. AFG has a vast catalog of useless knowledge when it comes to movies, and will decimate you at the Kevin Bacon game. Cody is also a life long sports fan, following the St. Louis Rams, Houston Astros, and UFC. Though he does go off on subjects on the show, Cody believes in one main philosophy...Be excellent to each other!

Alumni Section

James Witham Husband.  Father.  Nerd.

He grew up loving comics, action figures, video games and animation.  James has a degree in Computer Science from Old Dominion University and has been in broadcasting for almost 20 years.  Batman has always been his favorite character, but he has always been drawn to less mainstream characters like Green Arrow and Dr. Fate.  Growing up in the Atari age, and the dawn of the Nintendo era, you'll hear James talk a lot about his love for 8-bit graphics.  He also has a collection of some pretty great nerd stuff!

Nick Battaglia aka "The Merc with One Arm" started reading comic books at a young age.  He grew up mostly reading Marvel comics because of the daily personal struggles their characters faced on a daily basis.  As kid with one arm he identified with them and used them as an aid to overcome obstacles in his own life.  Some of his favorite characters include Deadpool, Spiderman, and Nightcrawler.  As a broadcaster he's won multiple awards, including Jim Kenyon Award for Broadcast Excellence and he also has a Bachelor's Degree in Cinema-Television from Regent University.  Nick's last show was on August 11, 2017 on Episode 175.

Host - James Witham

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