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Death of Love #1 - 
Image Comics

Written by Justin Jordan
Art by Donal Delay
Colors by Omar Estevez & Felipe Sobreiro
Letters by Rachel Deering

Valentine's Day isn't the best day for some people.  There were plenty of years in my young adulthood that I dreaded this very day.  Being unlucky in love can make people do some very questionable (sometimes stupid) things.  So grab your chainsaw and we'll talk about Death of Love from Image Comics.
The story follows Philo Harris, a man who is doing something that seems quite simple, just looking for love.  Problem is, Philo may just be doing everything wrong.  His best friend tries to talk to him, but it doesn't help.  He tries to keep doing things his way, the definition of insanity.  Then it happens, he does something desperate and then something very stupid.  So stupid, that I think I did a literal facepalm while reading it and actually said the word "stupid" out loud.  With that in mind, it does push the story forward and really serves as a kickstart for what is to come.  The question left here is, how do we get from that last page to what we see on the cover?
If you are a man and did not identify with Philo even a little bit while reading this, you should consider myself lucky.  I can personally remember making a couple of the same mistakes and having some of the same conversations, just not exactly the same.  Justin Jordan gives the readers someone they can really relate to and someone they can sympathize with, even if they'd rather not.  The art team really plays a big part in this, as well.  There are parts of this story where facial expressions really play a vital role in setting the tone, and Delay and company really knock that out of the park.  For some readers, this may be part of your life that you'd rather forget or you could be living it right now.  This first issue definitely sets the stage for quite the different story going forward.  If you can identify with Philo, this book will definitely have you interested.  It will just be difficult to say just how good this story can be until we get to the next issue.

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